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how do i get my norton toolbar with firefox 21, it has all my user names and passwords. I have downloaded every update from Norton. Can I go back to 20?

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automatic update disables norton toolbar. it has all usernames and passwords saved in it. Every time Firefox updates it is not compatible with Norton Toolbar. When will this patch be available. If not in the next day, how do i go back to firefox 20 which is compatible

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Have a look at this question thread for hints:

is firefox 21 compatible with norton toolbar

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The problem with Firefox updates is that before Comcast or Norton get their ducks in a row and get the Norton Toolbar working, there's another update from Firefox and we're back in the same boat.

Why can't these people work together with every update? I realize the browser is free, but if you want us to use it, it would be nice to get everything ready to work properly with the Norton Toolbar prior to updates. Firefox is a great tool, as is the Norton Toolbar, but tools are no good if we don't have the right ones.

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There are currently three Firefox versions under development (22 beta, 23 alpha2, and 24 alpha1) and each of them is 6 weeks behind of the next development branch, so all companies that create add-ons for Firefox have plenty of time to check if their product is still working and act on this. If they wait until a new version is released then this is the consequence of how they behave towards their clients.

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I understand recently Norton have been managing to release their update on the same day as Firefox updates. So if you go to the Norton site you should be able to update Norton and get everything working.

Firefox has a regular update schedule and the releases move through Nightly, Aurora & Beta versions before release. The Beta version should be identical or near identical to the Release and is available 6 weeks prior to the Release.