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Forgot my user name&PW E-mail Sxxxxxxxxxx@aol.com bought NewLap Top Its been many years since I installed FireFox

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Bought new laptop & want to transfer favorite places over to new laptop.Firefox --->Firefox but if I did register in the past I do not have any record of user name or PW. A computer man who has since moved to MO, I think installed Firefox for me. I know the Internet and e-mail and a little excel, access and Quicken but after that IM not too computer literate for an old guy. Is there any way to find my user name and pass word on my existing Firefox? Or would Firefox have a record of it. I think it might have been 2005 or 06 when Firefox was installed. My e-mail is Sxxxxxxxxxx@aol.com or bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@aol.com. I could have used either one if I registered but when I was filling out the previous form, sxxxxxxxxxx@aol..com appeared in a little box when I was part way thru typing my e-mail address. If there was way to transfer favorite places in AOL to Firefox, I would then be able to get rid of AOL. Only reason I kept it was because all the US Sailors in our USS Grand Canyon Sailors Organization had my AOL e-mail and I was the treasurer for ten years. Older gents don't like much change so I left it the way it was. Guess IM getting the same way. One browser-Firefox is all I need from here on out. My cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx Running AVG, Malwarebytes and SuperantiSpyware My new Laptop is Windows 7

edit: Nobody but spambots/spammers will be emailing/phoning a email address/phone# made public like this.

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hello steve, on your old computer, you can go to firefox > options > security > saved passwords, then a list with sites & usernames stored in firefox should show up. in there you can click on show passwords.

Viewing and deleting passwords

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