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Every time I log into a site, I'm asked by Firefox whether I want it to remember the password. But it never takes "yes" as an answer.

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Every time I log into a site, I'm asked by Firefox whether I want it to remember the password, but it never takes "yes" as an answer.

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Yeah, when I enter a password at a site that I frequent, some of the sites offer to remember my pw. Others do not, and Firefox offers to remember it. I try to click REMEMBER PASSWORD, but nothing happens. If I click NO or NOT NOW, it accepts either of those answers.

I doubt that any of these sites are using autocomplete=off. This all started when I got a new computer in March and installed Firefox on it. All the sites I go to now, I went to on my previous rig. Firefox was my browser then, too, and it remembered passwords. So the likelihood that they all started using autocomplete=off around the time I bought a computer seems slim.

And under Options->History I have Firefox set to remember my history (and sure enough, it always autofilled in sites, and brought up existing windows & tabs when I'd boot it up - until I cleaned out the cache, that is).

So after all the things I've tried, over the past six months, I'm supposed to do something with my Firefox profile. Can you please explain what? Supply me with a link? It's probably all been said before, but this thread has been going on for a long time and many posts...

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Firefox wouldn't give you the choice to store the password autocomplete=off is used.

If the remember button is shown and isn't working then this is either caused by an extension or there is a problem with saving this name and password. A possible cause is that there are corrupted entries in the signons.sqlite database.

You can temporarily try to move the two files signons.sqlite and key3.db to another folder with Firefox closed to see if that has effect.

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