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When I save a bookmark it appears in show all boomarks but not in the bookmark tab how do I get them to show up again?

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When I save a page to my bookmarks it doesnt show up in my bookmarks tab. They show up if I click show all bookmarks and scroll down to end, but they do not show up on my list of bookmarks in the regular bookmarks tab. How do I get them to start showing up again on the regular bookmarks area instead of only in the show all bookmarks area?

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I would try the "Maintenance" preset first to see if that solves your problem, or "Deep Check" if it doesn't.

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I ran the Places Maintenance Add-On. I was hoping it would take care of the problem, but nothing seems to have changed.

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I did "All" and then I did "Deep." I think my bookmarks have gotten so screwed up that nothing but intensive manual intervention, or else wiping it clean and starting over will fix it.

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Did you then restart Firefox and/or restart your computer?

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Um, no. I thought I'd get a message telling me to, but I didn't, so... I'll do that now!

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I tried that, and things looked different, so I was hopeful, even though there were TONS of unsorted bookmarks. But, no, I can't make it work. Instead of going to Bookmarks Menu. It keeps going to Bookmarks Menu --> Unsorted Bookmarks --> Bookmarks Menu even when I try to make it NOT do that. I just want to clear all my bookmarks and start over. I think I saw some kind of Firefox Reset instructions. Maybe that.... Thanks, though!

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You can use Ctrl+A to select all bookmarks in the Unsorted folder and the other two main folders (Bookmarks Menu and Bookmarks Toolbar folder) and remove those via the right-click context menu or by pressing the Delete key.
You can select multiple items in the usual way with the Shift and Ctrl Key (the latter allows to toggle individual items).
You can use cut (copy) and paste to move bookmarks to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder if you want them to appear on that toolbar.

If you click the star on the location bar then a new bookmark is created by default in the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder.
You can click the star another time to open the "Edit This Bookmark" dialog and move the bookmark to another bookmarks folder.
If you use "Bookmark This Page" (Ctrl+D) then the bookmark is created in the "Bookmarks Menu" folder.

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Thanks, I'm sure that's all true. I don't have time to go back and work with it any time soon, but I tried to do a couple just now and the system seemed to be working. So possibly, I just have to clean up all the old stuff that somehow ended up in the wrong places.

Actually, what worked just now was a simple bookmarking of a page. And also one where I created a new folder for a page I was bookmarking. What didn't work the other day was attempting to bookmark a page and place it in an existing folder. I'm going to have to work on the existing folders and that should be it.

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