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Firefox erased my whole history

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Loaded firefox up today and my whole history was gone.

Had approx 7 months worth of browsing and its all gone.

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Just click on Firefox on the top left hand corner.

In the menu, you will find Options.

Clicking on it will open a window with various options.

You need to find the heading Privacy among them.

On this page, you will find Tracking, History and Location Bar.

Since your problem is related with History, there you will find the option Remember History.

Select this option and you will not have to worry anymore.

If you wish to recover your lost history, you can try any of these :

Restoration (free) http://www.pcworld.com/article/231629/restoration.html Recover deleted files--or delete them for good--with this small program.

Restoration is a free program that can scan your hard drive, floppy diskette or USB thumb drive and find files that have been deleted (Windows doesn't actually destroy files that you delete: it just marks the space they occupy as being available). It can then recover any recently deleted files it finds with a single mouse click.

Have a nice day...

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There is no harm in trying file restoration applications, however note that the History is stored in the file places.sqlite and that file will still exist (It also contains your bookmarks ).

Unfortunately Firefox itself takes no steps to backup your History. In future you could consider backing up the Firefox profile. Or even just the Firefox History databaseplaces.sqlite. Another workaround; if you have more than one device would be to sync devices, asecondmachinewould then have the same History

Additionally (I do not use Windows much myself) but they do have a new feature for restoring previous versions of some files

The above feature may help, but read the article and take care to backup any file you are considering restoring BEFORE attempting any restore.

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I agree with john.

Another way to bring back the erased files is to perform a system restore.

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The full Windows system restore may be tried but some could consider it a sledgehammer on a nut approach. The appropriate restore point may not exist, and if it does there will be many other inevitable changes with the restore.

I am not sure if Firefox History is something restore points include by default (Are there differences between Windows versions?)

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Actually, the browsing history is also stored in some system files in the memory. So, performing a system restore will help. Though I agree with you on the fact that some unwanted files may also return.

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You can try to restore a previous version of the places.sqlite file.

You can check the "Clear history when Firefox closes" settings and make sure that you do not clear Browsing History

  • Tools > Options > Privacy > Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history": [X] Clear history when Firefox closes > Settings
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I am trying to get rid of the malware sweetpacks.com. Some have suggested to reset firefox and they said to backup your bookmarks. Do I have to back up my history as well?

If so how?



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Hello SteveU437, may you ask a new question, this is not on topic with the current discussion. go to the top of the page and hit "ask a question", thanks in advance.

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You may wish to post back here after you have started a new thread using /questions/new. (Others will easily find the new question once we know you have posted)

We are not trying to be unhelpful, but as mentioned above it helps to keep on subject, and the guidelines do suggest starting new threads.

I have edited your post so that the "malware" link is not clickable.