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Firefox hangs on Websites (example: g2play.net)

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whenever i start a fresh Firefox Process and open Websites (example: g2play.net), Firefox will freeze for around 3 Minutes before the Website loads. This happens on a bunch of different Websites. Different browsers work fine (tried IE10).

What i have tried to fix this issue: - Disable all Addons - Disable Javascript - Start in Safe Mode - Clear all Files (Cache, Offline Data, everything) - Completely remove and install Firefox new - Create a new Windows user - Update all Drivers - Closing all the background programs i could close

Nothing fixed my Problem so far.

Computer Specs: Windows 7 64 bit SP1 updated to the newest versions AMD Phenom II x6 1100T - 6 core proccesor running at 3,30 GHZ noname 8 GB DDR 3 RAM ATI Radeon HD 5750 noname 2 TB Harddrive

Programs running in the background: Steam, Thunderbird, Avast, Winamp, Piclair, Brother ControlCenter3, Brother Status Monitor, Razer Lachesis 5600, AMD Vision Engine Control Center

I think (im not 100% sure on this) that the problem first appeared with Firefox 20.0.1. Also it only happens when loading that website for the first time, once its cached it doesn't hang anymore (i have my firefox set to clear the cache everytime the browser exits).

edit: it's not my connection, neither my DNS Server. I got a 100mbit connection running and i have tried to access the website directly over the IP but the problem still remains.

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I couldn't understand why about:downthemall, an internal page, would freeze, but I see that the images are populated from downthemall.net and it imports fonts from Google. surrenderat20 also uses Google fonts. g2play hosts its own custom fonts. Is that a pattern?

In case downloadable fonts are an issue, you can disable that feature in about:config by toggling this preference:

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I'm having this problem too. I've tried:

- http://imo.im 
- http://pandora.com
- http://facebook.com

These all load effortlessly in chrome, but when I try to load any of them in FF the browser hangs. The only add-on I'm using is FIrebug.

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Those Sites load fine for me, but i don't doubt they hang for you as it seems to target completely random websites on my installation.

Since there has been no answer yet i also tried installing different versions. I've tried 21b2, 22 (aurora) and 23 (nightly).

In all of them is the problem present, even with all Plugins and Addons disabled.

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Hi vDrag0n, 3 minutes is a long time. It's hard to think of any process that would have that kind of time-out associated with it.

Does Firefox show the progress messages at the bottom, e.g., Read/Waiting, and if so, do any particular hosts appear to linger for a long time?

Could you check your connection setting here:

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced > Network > "Settings" button

If there are any peculiar settings here, try "No Proxy" and see whether that makes any difference.

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Hi gtumbaga, when you say those sites hang, you mean they never load and Firefox locks up? The following article has some diagnostics you could try in that situation: Firefox hangs or is not responding - How to fix. Since it sounds different than the problem vDrag0n is having, if the article doesn't help, could you start a new question showing your system information, add-ons, etc. You can do that here:


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Hi jscher2000,

It seems a re-installation of FF has fixed my problem.

Thanks, -gabe

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Thank you for your answer jscher2000,

there are no proxys or anything set in my settings, it's set to "use System settings" but i also tried setting it to "no Proxy" for now. Didn't help.

In the case of g2play.net, it shows all the status messages up to a specific point (receiving data from cdn.livechatinc.com), then it stops giving out status messages. I tried pinging cdn.livechatinc.com as well as going to other websites using this livechat, both worked fine.

Since this problem appears on many different pages (g2play was just the best example i had since it ALWAYS happens there), i doubt the source is livechatinc.com. Do you have any other ideas?

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does it make a difference when you disable the flash plugin in firefox > addons >plugins?

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Nope, doesn't make a difference sadly, already tried it before.

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Some more sites i got stuck on today:

surrenderat20.net, about:downthemall (website that opens after installing the Plugin DownThemAll!)

Được chỉnh sửa bởi vDrag0n vào

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Try to boot the computer in Windows Safe mode with network support (press F8 on the boot screen) as a test to see if that helps.

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Thank you for your answer. I have tried Safe Mode with Network support but the problem still persists even in Safemode.

And to make sure my connection is not faulty i also tested it on my 2nd PC now, running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Firefox 20.0.1, it works fine over there.

Any other ideas? I wish there would be a proper log where you can see what's causing the problem exactly.

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You can try to check the Net log in the Web Console (Firefox/Tools > Web Developer;Ctrl+Shift+K)

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).

  • Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window or otherwise make changes.

You can try to rename or delete the prefs.js file and possible numbered prefs-##.js files and a possible user.js file to reset all prefs to the default values.

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Thank you for your answer. I already tried all of that as i mentioned in my starting post.

I tried using the web console but other than the processing times it doesn't tell me much of what is happening. I attached a image, in there you can see how it hangs up. The file takes 185 MS to load yet the browser doesn't get the next file until a good 1 minute and 15 seconds after (thats the time it hangs). Loading the File alone in a single tab takes around 44 MS.

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You need to reload and bypass the cache to check the server response for all files.

  • Press and hold Shift and left-click the Reload button.
  • Press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)
  • Press "Command + Shift + R" (MAC)

You can also try to disable IPv6.

You can try to reset (power off/on) the router.

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Thanks for your answer, as i already said i have no cache it's deleted every time i close my firefox and another computer on the same router works fine (could you please read the thread before replying maybe?).

As for the IPv6 thing, i've tried. No difference.

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Giải pháp được chọn

I couldn't understand why about:downthemall, an internal page, would freeze, but I see that the images are populated from downthemall.net and it imports fonts from Google. surrenderat20 also uses Google fonts. g2play hosts its own custom fonts. Is that a pattern?

In case downloadable fonts are an issue, you can disable that feature in about:config by toggling this preference:

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Thank you jscher2000, that fixed it and i can also guess why now that you brought fonts into play.

I got around 12.000 Fonts in my Windows Folder (yes i know that's alot but i typeset alot of stuff), does Firefox look through them or cache the downloadable fonts in there or something?

Is there a way to keep both my current Windows fonts and see downloadable fonts by websites (like disabling that firefox does whatever it does)?

Edit: I will select your answer as "problem solved" when you reply again (not sure if it closes the topic if i select it now, thats why i wait)

Được chỉnh sửa bởi vDrag0n vào

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I'm not familiar with how downloaded fonts are stored, but I suspect that Firefox just caches the font files as it does other with untrustworthy web content and does not or perhaps cannot write to the Windows Fonts folder.

Perhaps before downloading, however, Firefox has to search for a font on the system to use temporarily, or compares metrics? With so many installed fonts, I suspect you have surfaced something very inefficient that no one noticed before. There may be some profiling tools to test that theory, but it's well beyond my expertise.

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When you said you weren't sure it started with 20.0.1, did you mean compared with 20.0 or with 19.0.2?

A possibly similar bug was filed for Firefox 19: 853626 – Firefox hangs when accessing battlelog.battlefield.com due to slow Font Loading. However, that doesn't seem to be going anywhere due to lack of data, and the reporter said it only affects the site if it is the first site loaded during a session, which I think is different than your issue.

If you decide to subject yourself to further experimentation, could you enable the "Telemetry" feature for half a day or however long it takes to reproduce the issue several times?

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced > Data Choices

This will gather hang data and (at some point) submit it to Mozilla. You can view the data by typing or pasting about:telemetry into the address bar and pressing Enter. I don't know whether that information would be helpful to you immediately, but it would get it into Mozilla's systems where someone might unravel what's happening.

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I enabled telemetry, i also replied to bug 752394 on bugzilla (someone on mozilla irc asked me to) https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=752394

Hopefully i can gather good data to help.

When i said im not sure that bug started with 20.0.1 i meant it was fine in 20.0 but then again i think i installed new fonts between both releases so that might have caused it rather than the update.

edit: is it normal that about:telemetry says "no data collected" at "browser freezes" (not sure if thats the correct word, my firefox is in german) even after experiencing several freezes already?

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