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My PC crashes whenever and only, when I am in a Firefox window. I have tried just about every version, including 20.0.1. The only stable version is 3.6.28.

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The PC hangs completely, no keyboard or mouse response. The system is very stable and never crashes when not using firefox. The only version which works without crashing the PC is 3.6.28, but this has a few rendering problems and some websites don't display properly. I have turned on crash reporting, but it never produces a report. I have done a firefox reset, but makes no difference. The system never stays up for more than 10 minutes. I have turned off hardware acceleration. What do you need from me to help identify the cause?

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Hi runfrodorun, I jumped to the conclusion that your video crashes were in the Flash plugin. Are the crashes in Firefox's built-in player or in another third party player??

The JavaScript compilers speed performance on script-heavy sites, but scripts will still run without them. The script compilers were significantly changed in Firefox 18 and Firefox 23, so new bugs that weren't discovered in beta testing are quite likely. Hopefully the diagnoses and fixes will come rapidly.

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I do not have flash installed. No flash. I hate flash, it's the bane of my existence. The best feature about lynx is that it can't run flash ads or other flash based things... what exactly are we talking about here?

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