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Please tell me why I cannot view Yahoo videos in Firefox (v20)? I can view flash videos from other sites with FF. The Yahoo videos play just fine with IE.

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Here is what I have tried so far to correct this problem: I have uninstalled and reinstalled FF. Updated my pc's graphic's driver. Started FF in safe mode. All plug-in's are up-to-date.

I am running Win 7 (64-bit). Please help!

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It's not only Yahoo video...

Another round of web-sites where Firefox 23.0.1 can not play the video:


The BBC "waiting circle rotatory" displays, then the BBC reports the error.

The FF Error console reports:

EMP v.3.1.0.r749603_749269_749444_6

Playlist URL : http://playlists.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-23792641A/playlist.sxml
Error code : CDNRedundancyManagerError [0] : 


This appears to be a Flash file attempting to play.


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Problem solved! I downloaded and installed Firefox 24.0 Beta. Apparently Mozilla programming team made all the right changes in the new release. Now all videos starting working on Yahoo and BBC.

Link: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/channel/#beta

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Well that's good to hear, but I'm going to wait for a stable release.

Hopefully v24.0 will mark the justified closing of this thread.

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Alrighty, good luck!

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Finally, success, so far...

With the downloading of FF 24.0...albeit still considered "beta", BOTH Yahoo video's and BBC video's stared playing again.

In an abundance of caution, we updated FF to 24.0, triple-checked the firewall settings here -- no proxy's are in use, either -- and then re-booted the local machine (Win 7 64bit, Intel i5 dual-core based Asus)...and...

BOTH Yahoo video's and BBC video's stared playing again. And so far have remained playing "normally" again.

Wonders never truly cease.

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