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Can I move address bar to different location?

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IE allows me to drag address bar to another location (up to menu bar or down). I am assuming this it NOT possible in Firefox? Please confirm.

P.S. I'm using Firefox 3.6.12. Cannot upgrade because I'm on dial-up and my web booster does not support later versions of Firefox.

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First, you are using a very unsafe browser. If you can't use a more recent version of Firefox, you might need to find a different "web booster." (If those actually do anything!)

Second, you may be able to rearrange your toolbars using the Customize feature.

View menu > Toolbars > Customize

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Web boosters are pretty much useless. You need to update to Firefox 20 now. It'll be faster on your dial-up connection anyway. Go to www.getfirefox.com and download and install it.

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I did install a current version of Firefox and, no, it was not faster than Firefox 3.6 with the web booster enabled. Which is why I went back to 3.6. The web booster works very well, thank you, and is what enables me to remain on dial-up, which is all I can afford.

Rather than insisting I use a current version of Firefox, I would appreciate an answer to my original question: Can I move address bar in 3.6 to different location?

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Did you try the Customize feature I mentioned in my first reply?

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The images may look a bit different in that support article than what you see in Firefox 3.6, but the procedure for rearranging the toolbar elements hasn't changed much since Firefox 0.8!

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Why do you still want to go back to Firefox 3.6.x if there is no difference in speed?

Quote: I did install a current version of Firefox and, no, it was not faster than Firefox 3.6 with the web booster enabled.

If you want to use Firefox 3.6 then at least use the last 3.6.28 version and not an older 3.6.12

Current Firefox versions have a much larger disk cache (350 MB in multiple folders for faster access) compared to Firefox 3.6 (50 MB), so you should be able to store much more data on your computer.