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How do I access temporary internet files?

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I need to access temorary Intenet files from Firefox like I can using Internet Explorer. When I watch a video online (not streaming), the file is downloaded to my computer and I can usually access this file using IE from Tools < Internet options < Browser history < Settings < View files - to access the folder containing the "Temporary Internet files" and the video. Firefox doesn't appear to have this option.

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Firefox uses two caches, a disk cache and a memory cache.
You can find the location of the two caches on the about:cache page (open that page via the location bar like a website).
Only large image and media files are stored as individual files on disk.
Other files are stored in a few large container files (_CACHE_XXX_) in the cache folder and not as separate files on disk.
The individual files on disk have random names without a file extension for security reasons: you can't open an application or start a downloaded virus inadvertently by clicking a file in the cache folder.

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There doesn't seem to be any way to delete these files either in the disk/ memory cache nor the offline cache. The offline cache seems to be one file and I can't view the individual files on it. When I watch a video online, I want to find it on my computer quickly without sifting through hundreds of entries. Thanks.

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Insisto en que el sistema es muy complejo, difícil y no siempre funciona. Apoyo y adhiero a la respuesta de Gary_jbp. Pienso como él. Hasta que Firefox no simplifique el sistema, seguiré usando IE para racuperar archivos facilmente.- Subestima la gente la idea que se pueda abrir un virus por error.Pare eso estan los antivirus.-