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How to place the "add a new tab" button directly to the right of the last tab?

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In Firefox 19.0.2, and in Firefox 20beta4, I have an issue that my "add a new tab" button keeps disappearing when I customize toolbars.

No problem, I can just do a customize, find the new tab button, and drop it right next to the last tab, right? Wrong. It doesn't allow you to drop it there, only all the way to the right.

This leads to a situation where the "+" appears when I am customizing toolbars, but is not visible once I finish customizing.

I can restore it by doing "restore default set." But then I have to start over on my customizations.

When it is all the way to the right, it is supposed to pin to the right of the last tab, right? But dropping it there creates a situation where the "+" simply doesn't appear in the regular interface.

Again, "restore default set" fixes the issue, but how can you drop it next to the last tab, or have it not disappear if you drop it all the way to the right of the tabs?

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Although the + appears at the far right end of the tab bar during the Customize process, it should snug up to the tabs once you click Done. Is your staying at the end??

(When you drop it any closer to the existing tabs, it goes all the way to the beginning of the bar, which for a right-handed person, is not convenient.)

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Note that Firefox has two new tab buttons in the DOM.
One directly after the last tab and the toolbar version that appears at the far right if there are enough tabs open to make scroll buttons appear.

If you only have one tab open and you drop the new tab + icon in the area between the first tab and the list all tabs button then the new tab button.
If it work with a toolbar reset then easiest is to do this.
That way you may also get new buttons that possibly have been added in new Firefox versions.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed, when it is working, the tab button appears at the end while customizing, and to the right of the last tab, when not customizing.

My problem is, the + button will disappear, and when I go into customize, it is there at the right, but when I go out of customize, it is gone. I can drag it anywhere else and it works as expected (i.e., if I drag it to the left of the tabs, it will show up to the left).

But, if I drag to the far right, it will never show up. The only way to get it to show up is to reset the toolbars--which is confusing, since after resetting, the button shows up in the same place during customize, but now is available in regular mode.

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The toolbar reset does work. However, every time I customize my toolbars, there is a possibility that the new tab button disappears again. Then I have to reset, and start from the beginning.

I'm trying to figure out how to put the new tab button back where I want it (i.e., the default location), without resetting all my customizations.

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Are you adding any controls to your tab bar that aren't there by default? Just wondering whether their style rules or behaviors might be incompatible with the new tab button.

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The only weird thing I have is search bar autoresizer. But the tab button is not even placed on that toolbar, but on the tab bar. I suppose it could be causing an issue, though.

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My problem is in firefox 21 and there is no new + tab on the end of each tab or bar. The black tab button with a cross that is available can only be dragged into a toolbar or next to the help button. In customization there is no + button to move between the tabs as suggested above.

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Hi eva88, by default, there should a small tab with a + on it after the regular tabs. Did you never have that, or did it disappear recently?

Do you use the "Default 21.0" theme or a different theme? You can double-check here:

orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Appearance category

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