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Open with changes extension to .txt

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I am trying to download a qfx file to be opened by Quicken. The download window appears with "Open with" and Quicken already selected. I go ahead and download the file, but then quicken cant open it. When I look at the downloads dialog box, it shows that it saved it with the following extension: ".qfx.txt". This use to work in a previous version, forget which one, but in the last few versions it stopped working.

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Try to delete the mimeTypes.rdf file in the Firefox Profile Folder to reset all file actions.

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Still does not work. None of the settings existed in the about:config location. And I had previously removed the mimeTypes.rdf. Still followed the directions you sent, just to make sure. And that did not work either.

One more peace of information. Using the save option will save the file with the right extension.

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One other thing I just noticed, in the dialog box it says the qfx file "which is a: Text Document" From: <website I am downloading from>.

I went to the Application tab under option, found the Text and saw that qfx is one of the applications associated with Text file, which this is not a text file.

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BTW, I removed the quicken entry from there and now the open with comes up with blank. The only selection in there now is notepad.