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how to close window in firefox using javascript that is not opened by window.open(); but this thing i urgently need to implement into my project .Thanks in ad

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Thanks in advance .Actually I already tried in so many ways but still problem is there. The same method window.close(); is working in other browser but not in the firefox. If there is another way let me know. I just want to fulfill my goal is closing the window when I will click the close button.

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Generally speaking, this is not allowed. Many people have posted their tricks for it over the years on the mozillaZine web development forum, so you might search there:


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Thanks For your reply but here in the provided link http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=25 .I am not finding the solution.So it would be better to directly post the answer here itself. Actually I know it is not possible close the window until unless they opened by script,But if you have any other suggestion about this so i can implement and that will meet the requirement as well. My requirement is when I will click the CLOSE button that time it has to close that application tab in firefox.This feature is pretty working in the other browser well except in the firefox only.So i hope if there is another way to fulfill this requirement.Thanks in advance once again. Please have a look at this program Here i written a simple program for closing the window and this is working well in other browser as i tested but not in firefox .....

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"> <title>Hello World!</title> <title>Closing the Window...</title>

Close the Window...

<input type="button" value="Close" onclick="window.open('','_parent',''); window.close();">

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When you run window.open() into _parent, you are navigating the current window to a different page, thus unloading the page containing your running script. I think Firefox may be terminating the script when you unload the page in which it is running.

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Good Mrng, Still this problem is there so please give any suggestion that will meet the requirement.And if you have any code that will close the window in firefox so i can implement in my project. Now it is really become critical for me so ,thanks in advance

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To avoid confusing other readers of this thread, can you un-mark my earlier reply as solving your problem?

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Ok could we close IFrame pop-up cross domain in firefox.

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I am also facing the same problem in our project, can someone please let me know if you are able to resolve this issue, if so what is the fix/resolution for it ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks, Gopi.