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How do I backup EVERYTHING with FireFox 19 Beta?

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I will be moving to a new Windows OS (WIndows 7SP1 64-Bit), and I want to do a clean install. How can I back up EVERYTHING, including bookmarks, settings, apps, themes, etc.. ? So when I do the clean install, I won't have to worry about anything. Do I have to do each one individually, or can I do a complete backup? So when I go to install Firefox on the new OS, everything will be just like I had it before.

Secondly, can I move my Firefox to a USB flash stick, and make it mobile? I would appreciate all and any help. Thank You.

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It is not recommended to copy an new profile from one OS to anther, because not all things may be the same (e.g. plugins and other direct links to system files and locations). It is better to only copy the SQLite database files (be cautious with downloads.sqlite) and reinstall extensions.