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Firefox 18 retina support issue

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I have an issue with the new retina support in FF18. I have a setup with a Retina MacBook 13" linked to a desktop monitor, which is my main screen. When I open a new window from the main (non-retina) screen and the window is opened on the MacBook (retina) screen, the font is illegible small and/or the screen turns black.

When I drag a window from my monitor screen to my MacBook screen, it gets properly adjusted.

Besides this, FF look great on Retina!

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I just tried FF19 and 22 nightly, bot seem to have solved my issue. To remind, since I have seen a number of different issues passing by in this thread: my issue was FF not properly handling the quadrupeled retina pixels when a window on an external monitor opened a new window on the retina screen. That looks fine now, also with hardware acceleration enabled.

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Glad it works now.

Thanks for the feedback, I am not a Mac user myself and unable to test this.

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