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btsearch.name -- cannot delete

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it's that simple but I don't know what else it is doing to my computer. IF one googles this problem it is recognized and money solutions are offered but many are too complex for me, and the problems continue reeking havoc. Has screwed relationship with my printer and can't seem to dl from Microsoft.

but it all started out with this inability to change my home page back to what it was. it remains btsearch.name and what appears is a custom google search page as the home page.

I am temp. using chrome........as I am already weary of using so much time on this problem. Help if you can.

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Thanks for posting that content.

The browser.search.defaultenginename pref sets the default search engine that is used on the about:home page, but doesn't change the icon on that page.

The pref("browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone", "ignore"); line suppresses the notification after a Firefox update.

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Were there other .js files in the defaults\pref folder?

Did you ever create a mozilla.cfg file yourself or is the file with all entries created by other software?

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This cfg file was not created by me... I do not know who / what / created it or when it was created.

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