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In Organise Bookmarks/Search I want to move a search result bookmark into a different folder, but it "copies" rather than "moves" - how can I "move" it?

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Having got a list of bookmarks as the result of a Search in "Organise Bookmarks", I want to move one of the resulting bookmarks to a different folder. If I move the bookmark into a folder on the left hand pane - it copies it. If I hold the shift key down and move it - it copies it. If I hold the control key down and move it - it copies it. If I hold both the control and shift key down, the icon does change from a "+" sign to an arrow, but - you guessed it - it still copies it. All I want to do is a simple move!

I'm probably doing something daft. Please let me know what it is!

I'm using Firefox 17.0.1 if that's of any relevance.

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Hello mara1618, go from Firefox button > Bookmarks, touch the folder and when expand all folder bookmarks, drag the bookmark you want to another folder.

thank you

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I see what you mean. If you right-click Cut from search results and then right-click Paste to the folder in the left pane, that seems to work. Not sure whether it's faster/slower than drag and drop.

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Thanks a lot jscher2000! Your suggestion works for me, and I can even move several bookmarks at the one time. The only problem with this is that after the Cut/Paste, I have lost the search results, and have to enter the search string again (eg if I wanted to move other bookmarks from the search to a different folder), which is a little less than desirable. I'd still prefer to be able to drag and drop, which seems to me to be the intuitive way of handling this. Do you think Firefox is operating as intended? If not, is there someone we can tell?