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Where do I find cookies.txt now?

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Using Firefox 16.0.1 under Windows 7

I want to use wget to script fetching some files, but I need the cookies from my login. wget lets you load from a cookies.txt file, but all I can find is cookies.sqlite, and that does not seem to work.

I am assuming that cookies.sqlite is an "improvement" over the older "cookies.txt" format ... but is there any way to export cookies to the old format (or just tell Firefox to use the old format)?

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Sorry, the old cookies.txt format is gone and isn't directly compatible with the new cookies.sqlite file. I know of no converter between the two formats.

You can see if anything here helps you.

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Hmm. This adds a menu item to export cookies to the "Tools" menu.

Firefox 17 does not seem to _have_ a "Tools" menu. It has a single menu in the upper/left next to the tabs. Is there any way to configure this to a "classic" configuration with a real menu bar that might have a "Tools" menu?

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Thank you. Now I have to learn SQLite to make this work ...

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Aha! You can restore the classic menu bar, and it still has a Tools menu! Huzzah!