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I have two security question

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So.. I heared that a site can see my browsing history using a bug.

I saw on some sites that this option: layout.css.visited_links_enabled should be turned off. i did so. Did I do good?

After this, i tryed this test: http://pcflank.com/browser_test1.htm and i failed COOKIE CHECK test. I got this message: "Your computer may save SPECIAL COOKIES on your hard drive that have the purpose of directing advertising or finding out your habits while web surfing."

After this, i tryed this test using Internet explorer 6 and Google Chrome, and this browsers passed the test. What should i do? Is this test good? IF not, please leave me a link with a test i should do.

I use Windows XP.

Thanks for your answers.

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If you've set layout.css.visited_links_enabled to false then I don't see what you've accomplished apart from preventing yourself from seeing which links you've previously visited.

You're probably referring to an old exploit that affected Firefox 16.0, which was very quickly fixed in 16.0.1 [1]. Or perhaps an even older exploit that was plugged 2 1/2 years ago [2]. You're using the current version, which is 17.0.

Most tracking cookies come from advertisers. The most efficient way to avoid them is to install the Adblock Plus extension [3] and subscribe to a privacy-oriented filter set like EasyPrivacy [4].

Alternatively, you could disable third-party cookies. This is quicker and doesn't require any add-ons, but it's not as effective.

Flash cookies (or “Locally Stored Objects”, “LSOs” or “supercookies”) are cleared when you clear all regular cookies [5]. You might find this is undesirable, as you end up logged out from all your favorite sites. For fine-grained control over Flash cookies, use the Flash Player applet in the Windows Control panel [6], or automate the deletion of Flash cookies using the BetterPrivacy extension [7].

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