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Is there a Firefox for Windows 8? I'm looking for a Firefox app or version for WIndows 8.

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I bought a new PC with WIndows 8 and although I love it, I'm finding that Firefox seems to only run in the desktop mode and I'm trying to find an app in the Windows shop or something that will run in Windows 8 like all the other programs, similar to IE. Is there one that I'm not seeing or is that in the works?

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Mozilla is working on a "Metro" version of Firefox, but it's currently in development and testing. The last article I read about it is the following, but there might be some updates:


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If your os is 64 bit windows 8 RTM you can download a preview build of Firefox from here


This preview build includes a new metro style Firefox start page,support for Firefox sync,Metro touch and swipe gestures.

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the links listed take us to the article but the nightly download for win8 metro version doesn't work. is there an alternative link? or has this finally been added to firefox 18.0.2 when you add it to default? I hate ie10 and would love to have firefox on metro side as well as desktop

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Hi gypsydude, it appears the Metro version remains under development. This thread has some links and tips if you want to leap to the bleeding edge and experiment with it: How do I install Firefox as an app for Windows 8?

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