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Impossible to uninstall v16. Automatically re-installs with wrong language (afrikaans) despite manual uninstall of rem Moreover keeps freezing windows explorer.

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I Downloaded and installed v17 beta on my desktop (W7/64). OK I noticed later that the version had changed without doing anything (moved back to v16.0.2, and displayed in Afrikaans).

Note that a second drawer is installed under Program files X86 (Mozilla maintenance service)

I uninstalled both drawers (Firefox & mozilla maintenance service) several times through windows control panel. Every times remain some leftovers (e.g desktop icon, and the drawers listed above , but they are generally empty) I tried cleaning registry afterwards (Tuneup utilities, Ccleaner) and even reboot the machine)

And it's always the same story: Firefox icon re-appears on my desktop, and can be normally opened . The software is always displayed in afrikaan language .

Moreover, I noticed (when I try to open the drawer (program files X86) that windows explorer freezes.

I had same problems on 2 windows 7 partitions, same computer. But never under windows 8

I really could do with a bit of help. It looks as though this piece of software is corrupt, and I really don't understand how it can manage to reappear a couple of minutes after being uninstalled . Otherwise it's not a genuine Firefox version ?

Best regards

Philippe cante

I made screenshots of unistall/cleaning/opening process if that's of any interest to you But I can't attach a file!

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The maintenance service runs as a background Window service if necessary and is responsible for downloading and applying an update for all installed Firefox versions without the need to respond to an UAC confirmation that comes with a dimmed window. You only need to give permission once when you install Firefox and the maintenance service isn't installed yet.

If the Firefox user interface (menu bar) is in the wrong language or if you want to change the current language then you can get Firefox in the language of your choice here: