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the places.sqlite in need of clarifi...

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Greetings kind people.

lately i wanted to edit that file to add/delete entries and other maintanence.

I looked at a few details about the databases inside the file but still couldn't understand what each database is and what it contains.

I would just like details about the databases and which of them i need to edit to remove or add history or bookmarks entries.

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Is your question about the databases on Android or on a desktop OS?

Generally speaking, the built-in UI allows you to work most safely with history and bookmarks, and there are some add-ons if the built-in features do not work the way you like. Manually editing databases can corrupt them, but if you are a tinkerer and don't mind restoring backups now and then, it's certainly possible (at least on desktop installs).

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Hi thank you.

i know the UI is very good, i use, but i'll admit I am a tinkerer. I would like to edit, and it's not like i can learn much from it but still i prefer a better "sense" of control.

and yes i restore the files so no problem...

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it is about desktop firefox

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Try this:

Create a new profile for testing, which will have an empty history file and no bookmarks.

Install the https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/sqlite-manager/ extension, restart Firefox, and launch the extension. In the toolbar, choose the places database.

With both windows open, you can browse in Firefox and watch the changes in the database as you add history. Several tables are involved.

It also might be interesting to see what gets cleared when you go into the "Show All History" dialog and have Firefox forget about a site.

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hi Soapy, if you don't already see : Places.sqlite maybe it is useful.

thank you

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this is a pretty awesome idea! thank you very much i will defintely try it :) i wanted to dive in right away... hehe


thank you though i already read it.

no idea why you have to thank me, it is the other way around :)

i'm writing from my phone so forgive me that i don't follow syntax rules.