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My Search Results Tab Removal

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The tab 'Search Here' appears to be a permanent resident on the tab bar. HATE IT!!! I want to get rid of it. It goes to mysearchresults.com. I went there and ask them how to remove it. They gave me these directions:

Go to Tools --> Add-ons Highlight Default Tab and click the Options button Clear the check box next to "Show search on new tabs"

If on goes to Tools --> Add-ons, there is no tab that says Default. All there is are selections one can make down the left side reading:

Get Add-ons Extenstions Appearence Plung-ins Available Updates

I am using Firefox 16.0.1 and these instructions don't seem to apply to this version. I need a little hand-holding. Can someone give me clearer, step-by-step instructions on how to uninstall this puppy?


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hello hifi, please look under tools > addons > extensions and remove all entries that are suspicious (toolbars, adware, extensions that you didn't install intentionally or don't know what purpose they serve).

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That got it! The 'Default Tab' extension is the default tab. Duh!!!

Thanks madperson