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What is the best version of Firefox to use with Windows 7?

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Ever since I've started using Windows 7 I've had issues with Firefox. It randomly crashes or becomes unresponsive, it slows to a crawl, Flash player crashes particularly if I have multiple videos or whatnot open at the same time, it sucks up *way* too much memory for what it's supposed to be doing, so on..Basically it acts like IE used to (not sure if it still does).

I recently did a fresh format and Windows 7 install and installed Firefox onto it. Literally the first thing the browser did was freeze. I've had similar issues on both Windows 7 Home and Windows 7 Ultimate. On XP things worked fine.

Reading on the internet I've seen that other people have similar problems. I'm assuming that there is something about Windows 7 that Firefox doesn't like or vice versa.

I'm wondering if anybody has had any luck hunting down a version of Firefox that wants to play ball. I'm currently using the latest version and it is pretty aggravating.

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which security related programs are running on your computer? from the description you gave i think it's rather an issue with the protected mode of the flash plugin, than specific to any version of firefox - you could try downgrading to flash 11.3, see https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/flash-113-crashes#w_solution-2-downgrade-to-flash-10-3

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I'm running Avast! but I have the WebRep addon disabled.

I'll give downgrading Flash a shot and see how that goes. Current version I'm using is 11.4.

Ed: Thanks for the help btw.

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So, update. While I was browsing Facebook Firefox crashed twice. Later when I was playing a video game with Firefox in the background, Firefox crashed and then would not open again until I rebooted.

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would be helpful if some would answer this question!

What version of Firefox works best with Facebook...& FB apps?
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Note that there have been (JIT compiler related) crashes reported on Facebook and that a Firefox 18.0.2 version is considered to address this issue.

If you have submitted crash reports then please post the IDs of one or more crash reports that have this format:

  • bp-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

You can find the IDs of the submitted crash reports on the about:crashes page.

  • You can open the about:crashes page via the location bar, like you open a website.


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