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The right-click menu options "Open Link in New Tab" and "Open Link in New Window" are both not working suddenly.

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I'm using version 15.0.1. How can I get these options to work? I searched for this question and found an answer was previously offered which was to uninstall the Ask toolbar due to incompatibility. I checked for this and I don't have it.

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Sara, I started having the same problem yesterday. In my case I was able to remedy it by disabling FasterFox 3.9.81. If you don't have that installed, I would recommend turning off your extensions (one by one), restarting firefox, and testing until you find the offender. Hope that helps!

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I had this problem -- it occurred after windows xp updates on 10 Oct 2012. When I clicked on help->about in the firefox menu, I was automatically updated to version 16. Everything then worked fine for the rest of the day.

However, today I have problems with bookmark menu.

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I have now uninstalled version 16 and re-installed version 15.0.1. My bookmarks are back and the right-click -> openlink in new tab is functional once again.

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As of the recent update to version 19.0 suddenly this option has stopped working reliably. Sometimes I hit it reflexively and suddenly it works. but mostly all I get is a sort of ghostly outline and the 'working' signal but nothing happens.