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Can not click buttons in youtube videos

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I can not click on the buttons within youtube videos. The video itself plays fine. Audio is fine. It's just the buttons. I can't click play/pause, can't control the volume, can't scroll to different points in the video, or use any of the buttons in the bottom right corner. I've reinstalled Firefox and Adobe and it still won't work. Please help!!

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Try running Firefox in safe-mode.

  • Firefox -> Help -> Restart with add-ons disabled

If it works in safe-mode, that means one of your Add-on Extensions is causing the problem, which will require disabling them all, and then re-enabling them one by one to isolate the problem.

Edit: I forgot to say this earlier, have you checked to see if all plug-ins are up to date?

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Thanks for the reply. I did what you suggested and the problem persists.

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I also noticed that sometimes I am unable to close Firefox by clicking the "x" button in the top right corner. That, and there are some areas on Facebook that don't allow me to click on them either.

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).

  • Do not click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.
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Thanks for your response but that is what the previous post suggested I do. I did, however, try ti again, and tried setting the appearance to default. Still not solved.

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Are you still unable to click on the Facebook page if you start Firefox in Safe mode?

Such issues can be caused by an extension like the Yahoo! Toolbar or a Babylon extension that extents too much downwards and covers the top part of the browser window and thus makes links and buttons in that part of the screen not clickable.

You can use one of these to start Firefox in Safe mode:

  • On Windows, hold down the Shift key while starting Firefox with a double-click on the Firefox desktop shortcut
  • On Mac, hold down the Options key while starting Firefox
  • Help > Restart with Add-ons Disabled

If it does work in Firefox Safe-mode then disable all extensions (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) and then try to find which is causing it by enabling one extension at a time until the problem reappears.

Close and restart Firefox after each change via "File > Exit" (Mac: "Firefox > Quit"; Linux: "File > Quit")

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I disabled all my plug ins and it solved the problem. Then I enabled them one at a time to isolate like you suggested. The problem didn't come back,; even when all plug ins were enabled again. When I got on the computer again this morning, the problem was back and has not gone away.

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Now some of my youtube videos won't even appear. It's just a black screen. And I am still unable to close/minimize my browser by clicking on the buttons in the top right of the screen. PLEASE HELP!!