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TypeError: Components.classes is undefined

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I saw many questions like "Components.classes[xyz]" is undefined, but I have an issue with the Components.classes object itself being undefined. I have a small dummy html page where I'm trying to run a basic sample script from http://books.mozdev.org/chapters/ch08.html#77008 (slightly altered):

<script type="text/javascript"> function blah() { var c = Components; var clazzes = c.classes; // clazzes is still undefined after this line executes var myClass = clazzes["@mozilla.org/browser/bookmarks-service;1"]; // here it throws var bmks = myClass.getService(Components.interfaces.nsIBookmarksService); // call one of the object's methods: // flush the bookmarks to disk if they've been touched. bmks.Flush( ); } </script>

I've already tried running Firefox in safe mode, and it's a fresh installation of the application. Am I missing some sort of initialization?

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Generally speaking, web pages cannot access the privileged parts of Firefox such as preferences and bookmarks. There is an exception for digitally signed scripts in some cases, but during development and testing, of course, that's impractical due to frequent code changes.

If you are working on creating an add-on, consider using the Add-on SDK. More info: https://addons.mozilla.org/developers/