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Verizon is my internet provider and also my email software. How can I set Verizon in Firefox Applications under Options/Tools? I don't use any other software.

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Whenever I want to send a message when at a website, I am forced to use outlook or the other options listed in applications in Tools.

How do I get Verizon listed?

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Hi helenarvin,

see : Change the program used to open email links

thank you

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None of the suggestions apply to my inquiry. Verizon is my email provider. How do I get Verizon listed using the procedure suggested?

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mailto > Use other...

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No, forget the "mailto > use other". Sorry !

Once you have a Mail Client(like Thunderbird) installed & configured as your default for Mail in the CUSTOM section of Set Program Access and Computer Defaults, you can click on a Send To or MailTo link on a webpage and a New Message window will open with your default email account's address (i.e. verizon.net).

thanks and sorry again

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Sorry, this does not work for me. Custom set to default - Verizon does not appear as an option in Custom so no selection made just left as 'set to default'. Firefox: TOOLS/Options: Mail to: Verizon does not appear and when browsing Program Files Verizon does not appear as an option therefor 'Other' cannot be selected..

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You need an e-mai client (like MS Outlook or Thunderbird) and then try the above steps, otherwise you cannot use Verizon webmail, only through an e-mail Client.

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Found something little different in the next link but i don't known if works :


then in Firefox Options > Tools > Applications select mailto Outlook express(default)