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how to move FF settings/add ons/scripts/e.t.c. to win8?

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Hello Everyone, Just wish to ask the community at large if the following advice I received is totally correct?

When I move over to Windows 8 in october I will be upgrading from Win7-Home Premium- currently 32bit Now my Dell Studio Laptop 1737 (2008-9) is I beleive 64bit capable.so it says anyway.

I was told all I need to do to save ALL my settings as above.is copy the current Firefox folder and path to the same folder in Win8 Is This Correct?

I know there are programmes which can do this function,but I do not wish to have to add everything yet again and that includes scripts!

Many thanks in Advance regards Steve

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Hello finitarry

many thanks for your reply and the link to the details of how to migrate FF settings. I am not the most clued up person when it comes to PC related instructions! and I had read something similar before I posted,and was a bit lost in the detail.sorry if I sound totally dim but that`s the way it is..I suspect i`m not alone in this.

I di wish to avoid having to reload Add-ons and scripts yet again is it not possible to move everything in one action,or am i asking to much

any advcie appreciated best wishes Steve

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I think your best bet is to run Firefox to let it make a new profile in the new computer, then find out where that profile is from Help > Troubleshooting Information > Show Profile (or whatever Windows says on that button). Once you have got that, you can open that folder, then copy the contents of the old profile into it. You might have to change a few pathnames in the prefs afterwards, not sure about that.

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Hello Again many thanks from a grateful old man. I am only upgrading to win 8 so when I download FF again it will amke a new folder automatically,is this correct.? I will have to work out waht changing the prefs means at the time

all the best Steve