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is avg 2012 compatible with latest firefox 15.0

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pressured to install latest firefox 15.0 but will it disable my avg 2012 security shield can,t get a definite yes or no answer

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You should immediately update to Firefox 15, as it contains major security fixes you are currently vulnerable to.

As for your AVG, I'm not sure if the AVG Toolbar is compatible yet, however, that is only a nearly useless add-on AVG injects into Firefox. Your actual Anti-virus is running and will continue to run in the background, no matter if your Firefox add-on is working or not. So the risks are major enough that I would upgrade now, check for any AVG updates today and tomorrow, and wait for them to support Firefox 15 (which should be quick). You will be safe than you are now.

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Thanks for that tyler unfortunately i,m an internet idiot so still none the wiser are you saying the risks of not upgrading outweigh avg possibly not being compatible so i should go ahead upgrade and hope avg will support firefox 15 or be in doo doo if they don,t

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There is no risk of not using the AVG toolbar (It does little to nothing to protect you that Firefox doesn't do already). However, by using an old version of Firefox, you are staying open to security holes that are publicly known and exploited. So, you have an anti-virus add-on that is doing nothing to keep you safe, while at the same time you have an old insecure version of Firefox.

Soooo, update to Firefox 15. AVG will release an update for Firefox 15 in the next few days (if they haven't already) and then you'll be all set :)

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'There is no risk of not using AVG (It does little to nothing to protect you that Firefox doesn't do already)'. Thats a bold statement Tyler, where is the anti virus component or firewall component in Firefox? AVG is compatible with FF15 EXCEPT FOR THE SAFE SEARCH COMPONENT which has been disabled for some time and will not be enabled in the future according to AVG.

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Sorry, I had a typo, I mean to using the AVG Toolbar. Firefox already has it's own fishing mechanism built in that works just as well as AVG's. You still need an anti-virus, but the safe search part of AVG is NOT the anti-virus.

As for the safe search, I believe AVG has discontinued that and replaced it with Secure Search, so if you want another phishing filter in Firefox, you can use http://www.avg.com/ww-en/secure-search