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norton does not support firefox 15

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Just installed Firefox 15.0 on a Mac 10.5. Norton posted an alert that Norton Confidential does not support this version and cannot protect against phishing, Is this true?

Moderator Note: If you have an issue, please ask a new question. This will insure your issue gets the attention it deserves. Since this thread is antiquated and already has a solution chosen, it will be locked to prevent further posting.

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https://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Toolbar-Norton-Identity/Firefox-15-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/td-p/791174 try to update your Norton. Also, just so you know, Firefox has it's own built in Phishing protection, so you don't need the Norton Toolbar.

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to Tylerdowner: Thank you for the information. This sounds reasonable and does explain what is happening. Perhaps if a few Mac user contact Norton, we can get something to happen. At the moment, I am going to go back to Safari. Firefox is unquestionably the best browser available, but I cannot handle having that little Notice pop-up every day.

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I am experiencing the same problem with Firefox 15 on my Mac. I've run LiveUpdate and continue to get the error message. I also downloaded the latest version of Norton from Comcast, and that made no difference either. I saw that Norton posted an upgrade for Windows, but will there be one for Mac?

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to smsteeter: Our only hope is for enough people to contact Norton and tell them to get their act together.

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If you use Norton via Comcast's download, then we also have to pressure Comcast to release the latest upgrade to Norton Internet Security 5 for their customers. I called and did the entire routine described by SwitchingToSafari. In the end Comcast doesn't take calls related to problems with Norton and the Norton rep I spoke to on the phone said he didn't know when Comcast would release version 5. Since Firefox 15 was released, I've also switched to Safari and run the Live Update at least twice a day. I might switch back to FF 14. Lastest version of Norton for Mac: http://us.norton.com/macintosh-internet-security/. The Comcast download is Norton for mac version 4: http://security.comcast.net/norton/resi/mac/download/

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I spoke eith Comcast who ultimately said I needed to talk to Norton, and Norton says Comcast needs to offer the current version. No surprise. I don't have this problem on my Windows machine. I think the problem is Comcast not providing equal sopport or opportunity for Mac users. Since FF has anti-phishing components anyway, can we just uninstall Norton Confidential?

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to smsteeter and to FF-mac-user: Our little group of malcontents appears to be growing. Invite all your friends to participate and maybe we can make something happen. I, also, am in the group that is using Norton Confidential via Comcast.

First, let me say that I would NEVER recommend deleting Norton, or similar computer protection software - NEVER. Tylerdowner claims that FF will provide the necessary anti-phishing capability. So it is reasonable to consider running FF and Norton simultaneously for the best protection.

The blame, if there is blame, appears to be two-fold. Norton provides an update for IE, but not for Mac. Has Norton noticed that Mac is now a substantial part of the computer market. Then we have Comcast attempting to attract customers by providing out-of-date protection software. Thanks a lot, Comcast. Somewhere we will have to decide when the Comcast offer actually puts our computers at risk. Let's keep bugging these two companies.

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smsteer, yes, you can just uninstall Norton Confidential. Firefox's anti-phishing is just as good as Norton's (and since norton confidential is out of date anyway, it isn't doing you any good). So yes, disabling Norton is your best bet, especially since the future of confidential is in doubt.

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@Tylerdowner In Firefox 15 the Norton Confidential toolbar for Firefox 1.4.4f3 is grayed out and disabled but every time I start Firefox 15 it tells me that this Version doesn't Support it, so FX15 still has it somehow as enabled. I did the Live Update for NAV11Mac 10 times and still no remedy as it states to be on 11.2.2 (3) latest Comcast for Mac. OK I would like to disable that add on in FX15 but how? And in NAV11 I can only disable Phishing Protection and Vulnerability Protection in Norton Confidential Manager 1.4.4 (3) the other 2 are already set for disabled. So still confused what to disable to stop annoying error message at FX15 start.

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to oro12 and to Tylerdowner: Very good question. Never occurred to me. If FF can enable user suppression of the alert message, then we can simply continue as in the past. I would continue using FF if I did not have to contend with that alert every time I open the app. Definitely works for me.

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to oro12: I should have included that the best hope I see is to bug Norton about why they support this version FF for Windows but not for Mac. Doesn't sound right to me.

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@j5567 In the meantime I did turn off all 4 options in Norton Confidential Manager 1.4.4 (3) and so far FX15 seems not to complain about the missing NAV11 add on. But it still shows as a installed and grayed out plugin which I really would like to remove in order to make sure my FX15 starts as quick as possible.

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If Norton Confidential is greyed out and disabled, it is the same as removed, so you should be set.

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I have the same problem (upgrade to Firefox 15 - pop-up from Norton that Norton Confidential doesn't support this version of Firefox.) I understand from your response that I don't need Norton Confidential for phishing protection. However, the Norton Confidential that is included in the package Comcast sent me, claims to have 4 parts: "Phishing Protection"; "File Guard"; "Information Guard"; and "Vulnerability Protection." In addition to Norton Confidential, the Norton package includes "Norton Antivirus" and "Norton Firewall." The package is not in the form of a Firefox add-on or toolbar. It runs independently of Firefox.

So my question is should I just disable the "Phishing Protection" part of Norton Confidential or the whole thing? (I hope your answer is yes, I don't need any of it. I'd like to get rid of all of Norton Confidential because it uses a lot of my computer resources, as it seems to be constantly scanning for problems that might be due to a virus not yet in the virus definition catalog that "Norton Antivirus" uses.)

I read (but can't seem to find again) a separate Q&A in this forum that said Norton has replaced Norton Confidential with something newer, and that Comcast is to blame for supplying its Mac customers with an obsolete version of Norton. Yet Norton continues to send automatic updates to the package Comcast sent. Very confusing, especially for someone like me who is not real knowledgeable about internet stuff.

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How do I add my name to your group unhappy with the Comcast-Norton approach to Mac customers using Firefox?

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to nrcbtm1: Looks like you are two messages ahead of me. I would NEVER recommend removing your Norton software. I see no problem just running both the FF and the Norton. You may get a bit more protection.

How contact Norton/Comcast - damn it I have had any success. Norton diverts you to some robot response that supplies a standard answer. There does not appear to be a way to actually reach a human. Comcast support is useless. However it may help to just try to convince Comcast to upgrade.

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Just wasted an hour with Norton support. It appears their best position is that Norton is working on the problem. The rep does say that a patch will be released soon. I urge everyone to contact Norton to make them aware that there is a BIG problem. Here is the chat.

me: Okay, I am running Mac 10.6 and using Norton Confidential provided by Comcast. I get an error Notice from Norton after installing Firefox 15. What happening?

Norton: The Firefox 15 is not compatible with the Norton Confidential. Firefox 15 was released recently and we are working on it and a fix will be released soon.

me: I understand that Norton is compatible with FF in Windows, why not the Mac?

Norton: The Firefox 15 will be made compatible soon in MAC.

me: Does Norton recommend a product that will work with Mac 10.6 or are we being left with no protection?

Norton: I'm sorry for the difficulties you have recently encountered.

me: That is no help, solves nothing and does not answer my question.

Norton: A patch will be released for both the updating error and Firefox 15.0 compatibility with Norton Confidential.

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On 11 Sept 2012 Ryan McGann Principal Software Engineer Macintosh Products & Solutions at Symantec said at http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-for-Mac/Firefox-Norton-Confidential-and-Phishing-protection/td-p/794420/page/2 :- Norton Internet Security 5 is on version 5.3, and has received around 7 updates since it was released about a year ago. The problem is that this issue affects Norton Internet Security 4, which is an older product. It's unfeasible for us to support older products when the newer version already exists, simply due to limited resources.

I understand that some of you are still using this product, and I feel your pain, but at the moment our efforts are focused on Norton Internet Security 5. When looking back, there are many software vendors who are forced to make the same decision...we use Office here at work, and there are lots of bugs in Microsoft Office 2008 I'd like to see Microsoft fix, but Office 2008 hasn't had an update since July 2009 (except for security vulneraiblities).

We are currently evaluating our options for our older customers running Norton Internet Security 4 and I don't have anything I can say at this time, other than we are looking into what options we have. I strongly encourage those of you who are running Norton Internet Security 4 on 10.7 to upgrade to Norton internet Security 5, as that product does not have this issue.

For those of who are still using Mac OS X 10.6.8, I cannot give an answer at this time, except to re-download Firefox 3.6 from this location: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all-older.html

Your valid Norton Internet Security subscription entitles you to product definitions product updates, but it does not guarantee you that the product will work in perpetuity. If you have a valid subscription you are entitled to Norton Internet Security 5 for free, and support will gladly give you a copy of that product. If you cannot run Norton Internet Security 5, you can either download Firefox 3.6.8, or turn off the Phishing Protection feature as instructed above. (Here, "above" refers to the NortonCommunity discussion as per the link at the top of this post.)

Refund requests are handled by Customer Support and should be sent there.

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Mozilla's claims regarding Firefox's inbuilt phishing protection may be found at:-


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Just so everyone knows, Norton's suggestion to downgrade to Firefox 3.6 should not be followed, as Firefox 3.6 is insecure and unsupported.

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Norton 5 supports Firefox 15. The prroblmem is that Comcast only offers an old outdated version. Comcast can fix the problem by uograding their offering. I don't know how willing they are to do this. BTW, Netflix does not work with FF 15 either. What is there about version 15 that makes it hard ti support?

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