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Can't download pdfs

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FF 10.0.2 (but this has happened previously)

If I try to download a pdf, using Save Link As, in a google search find (still on the google search page) it is always maned url.pdf, and has no size. Quite often it will also save as a 1K of thereabouts file, and not open Any help appreciated


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"I just ran the above search in IE9 and I do get the tracking links there, with the same url.html file name suggested when I right-click and use Save Target As. I don't know why I get links clean of tracking code in my regular Firefox profile, or why you don't get them in IE.

I will look into an effective cleaning solution."

Wow! Yeah that's weird. I would be interested if you find anything.


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I created a Greasemonkey userscript to remove the tracking. You can install the userscript into either of the following extensions:

Once you have your script host installed and you've restarted Firefox, you can install the userscript from this page: Real URLs for Google Results (Remove Tracking). I've tested it a bit, but I'm sure I didn't get out all the bugs on the first try. Feedback is welcome.

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