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Can I use both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome together

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Can anyone tell me if I can use both Mozilla Firefox 14 but install Google Chrome as well ? I have to find a new home page as my current one (igoogle) is retiring next year and Google recommends installing Chrome, but I am concerned that if I do it will wipe away my settings and skin I have on Mozilla. Please can anyone clear up my confusion ? Thanks.

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Hello Jumbochick. Welcome to the Mozilla Forums. :)

You can use both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. No, installing Chrome will have no effect on your settings in Mozilla. I run both browsers conjointly with no issues whatsoever. :)

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Hello The Dark Night

Thank you for your reply to my question but can I just ask is it possible to use Mozilla on top of Chrome as I tried it on my dads laptop and I don't see the orange box that's usually in the top left hand corner. The bookmarks and print are in the settings but I would prefer them to be in the orange box as it is in Mozilla, it's all very confusing to me when I'm used to dealing with Mozilla and now I am left with no option but to switch completely to Chrome if I can't get my Mozilla to work on top of Chrome. Again thanks for your help thus far.

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Hello cor-el

Thanks for the suggestions I have looked at the links provided and neither of them compare to igoogle, but thanks for trying anyway.

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The 'orange box' can be made visible by disabling the Menu bar: Go to View > Toolbars and uncheck Menu bar.


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Hey Jumbochick, You certainly can use both browsers together. If you look at the link Tobbi suggested it will give you the orange box you need and still let you do what you need to do. :)

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Hi Dark Night thanks for replying I normally have the orange box in the top left hand corner so do you mean when I download Chrome my orange box will still be there ?. As you might be able to tell I am hesitant at downloading it in case it ends up like my dads laptop with the theme missing at the top of Firefox and all my other settings no where to be seen.

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The orange Firefox button will still be in Firefox after you install Chrome, but Chrome doesn't have the orange button. Chrome's menu (similar to what appears when you click on the orange Firefox) is accessed by a gear button on the right side of navigation toolbar.

IMO, the Opera browsers user interface is more like Firefox than Chrome is; heck IE8 is more like Firefox than Chrome is..

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To All Who Replied To My Original Question

Thank you but all my problems started when Google decided to retire my home page (iGoogle) which left me in a dilemma, do I find another home page or do as Google suggest and download Chrome. However I found that downloading Chrome would make my orange box disappear if it was done by downloading through Mozilla and that was what I didn't want to do as I wanted to keep Mozilla as it was. Chrome seems to take Mozilla over, in fact the whole home page and even gets rid of my theme.