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Problem with Google search tool and Twitter exclusively on FF, Anyone else?

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I've been having a problem on my work PC for a couple of months now, and only found 1 other person suffering from this. The PC is running the newest version of FF just like all my other machines (both mac and PC) but when I try to use the google search box up there *nods upwards* to the right the google page doesn't load I just get a load of these symbols:

��?�ڷ0�^��d�df2����U��?e��n[����?�Վs�9�=�["�Ba+? �B�GA�?ﶡ�*�ɗ_�??�:��m���? EH��*����2�W�ڵ�ly�����]�-@?��_���% �Y�?,k�4�tS���i]���r���$��ܛ?�z��,?K??I�e�.s�k|E���C7�W_\Ҹ/r?��ŗ��&Ho-���_��f��u4u������_���������铖�??��v?���M���o���?��8 ����k?Г��boW���mϑ�ڭ0?Z?��B��͠BߧA���b�m?��?Z??�r0���*�Ξ��b'��b�?�T�~�8�u�y�`^���G�Mo�?����?��{<?��I�٨?���?�'#�|O�{����`?߳>��&csh�3�M�{ԟ���g?3߇h?a��!?��?�]?fs��l���t0�@"??n?�;��~��?nZf?��z��7��?�;�[�L�s0�t)t�陾?�N??L� ���rh�����?ߌ�'6�8��"��M�ei��1I݀>�^�?�P� L�"4�W��C���_'X�Q�~�Y9��v�<��V�q��?d@�.?�?�l��??p��?>�.���o??�0��܇�s�^��}(G�»x?���*??���3Dq�\��?�?�qm?a^����s?L(������:!��?��n}��wߵ:f�&yh��̟/?��PMF��Hg��Vs��?��?��Lb��7@_�yϔ:��?%N��ƒ??��̛��d���s�������=ӏ歖�]�[[�I�?k? �×52w�?�g�id?��?&�?h�?~�I�R?��+׊���+?�u6H�??��Ppls��%{�`c<�l�m��,�?��wz�E?mMؐc���w^�ܠe�<?���6ß?����—�1[���?�r���?��|o#� C�uw?_�1���ׯ���׋NUt??��R�����U�Uh��r�?>���??��߁�?!mVE���#�9��B

The weird thing is, I have located a URL for google search that doesn't do this, and I can use it normally through this, but if I click on any other google links (video, shopping, help, forums, gmail) it reverts straight back to the symbols. This is also happening on twitter, I can't load ANYTHING form twitter either.

I know it sounds like a google problem, but it's only hapening on this one machine, with FF, all other machines I can use google fine, and obviously through my workaround link I can use google, so I suspect I've broken Firefox :)

Any help would be appreciated.

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You can consider the Reset Firefox feature via Help (Alt + H) > Troubleshooting Information.

(To revert to the previous profile you were using, close the new profile (i.e. exit Firefox), start Firefox and choose the Default User profile. While the Profile Manager is open, you can also delete the newly reset profile (the one containing random numbers), or the former profile, as the case may be). If the reset is okay, it would be a good idea to delete the old profile as otherwise it would be left intact with the previous data until deleted.

Managing profiles

Profiles Howto

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You can check the network.http.* prefs on the about:config page and reset all bold user set network.http prefs to the default value via the right-click context menu -> Reset.

Check at least:

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