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How do I customize Firefox keyboard shortcuts without using an add-on?

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I want to modify shortcuts without using add-ons, extensions, or plug-ins. In other words, I would like to know how to modify a keyboard shortcut in a way that does not involve installing a plug-in, extension, or add-on. So, an answer that states that I should install this extension, or that plug-in is a useless answer and will be rated unhelpful as will indicate that you didn't read the question.

Again: How do I modify a keyboard shortcut WITHOUT installing any add-ons? For example, how would I change the homepage shortcut from Alt+Home to something else, without installing any add-ons?

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As far as I know, the only correct answer to your question is "modify Firefox's program files."

And yet I am certain that is not helpful.

What's wrong with Firefox's built-in keyboard shortcuts? (Keyboard shortcuts - Perform common Firefox tasks quickly)

And what's wrong with using add-ons to change them?

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I actually made this happen a few versions back, but I don't remember how I did it. I have looked through the about:config entries and can't find it. I looked through the ...xul keybindings and did not find it. I know it can (or recently could) be done, but I don't remember how.

The problem with the existing shortcut is that on a laptop, the Home button is frequently sharing space with another key. It is a hassle to have to access Home and the alt key when accessing Home is itself an operation.

The problem with add-ons is that I cannot, in a reasonably quick momentary glance, determine their safety now, nor in the future as they are updated. Since Mozilla does not certify add-ons as safe, I prefer to avoid them.

Other programs don't present such difficulties with simple things like modifying shortcuts. It's pretty standard for that to be accessible from a Customize submenu in one of the main drop-downs.

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I share your concern about trusting add-ons; you don't know.

In the following thread we discussed files to hack: Making the Home/End keys work on Mac like they do on Windows/Linux.