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Firefox does not block "flash" popups, even with popup blocker activated and disable_from_plugin at 2

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You can try to set plugins.click_to_play to true in about:config.

about:config Entries

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You can look at Adblock Plus to hide Flash pop-ups.

You need to subscribe to a Filter list (e.g. the EasyList).

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i know adblock but it's not the solution. i don't want to block the ads, i just want to block popups. that ad is openning a popup like every 5 minutes, without doing anything !

chrome block this popup without any problem, firefox should be able too, no ?

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The Chrome and Internet Explorer Flash implementations is different from the Firefox implementation. Also, ideally there would be user controllable settings/preferences to control Flash behavior in the Windows Control Panel > Flash Player. As this is not so, users would have to try add-ons or extra Firefox manipulations.

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but there is an option privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins in firefox to especially block popup from plugins, so i think it can be blocked by firefox if we find out how this ad is bypassing the anti popup from firefox

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Yes, that is true. It could be that this is programmed as a new tab?? Please note that there would surely be a better explanation :)

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according to this site : http://www.showmycode.com/

the source code is :

//---------------------------------------------------------------------- //Symbol 41 MovieClip Frame 25 //----------------------------------------------------------------------

   time_txt.text = int(time_txt.text) + 1;
   gotoAndPlay (2);
   if (int(time_txt.text) == 3) {
       getURL (_root.clickTag, "_blank");

 //---------------------------------------------------------------------- //Instance of Symbol 27 MovieClip "controller" in Frame 1 //---------------------------------------------------------------------- onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

   this._x = _root._xmouse;

}  //---------------------------------------------------------------------- //Symbol 38 Button //---------------------------------------------------------------------- on (release) {

   getURL (clickTag, "_blank");

}  //---------------------------------------------------------------------- //Frame 1 //----------------------------------------------------------------------

   startDrag ("follow", true);

Được chỉnh sửa bởi cor-el vào

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Sorry, that is so foreign to me :) Maybe a Flash programmer would be able to explain?? You can also try to post in a Flash programming site.

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do mozilla developpers read this section and can provide a response ?

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A better, faster way to get developer attention would be to file a report @ Bugzilla@Mozilla. You can then post a link to that here.

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Thank you :)