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Expose full path for extensions?

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Hey there, I just found out that you can make the full path of plugins visible in about:config, this is helpful to get rid of some annoying plugins I don't want or need. Now I wonder, if there also is a way to enable this for extensions? I know the "good" extensions install themselves in the profile folder, but the sinister ones (that I didn't want installed in the first way) are not located there. One of the extensions would be "Browsing Protection 1.10". I know i can disable it, but I want it deleted, no idea where to find the correct files though.

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Be aware you you shouldn't leave the plugin.expose_full_path set to true because websites also see that full path via navigator.plugins.

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Thanks, but the extension would be one of the "Extensions installed by other software", so it seems like I can't remove (not disable) them from within Firefox? I find it odd, how Firefox cannot control external programs trying to infiltrate the browser. At least I managed to find the extensions folder by myself, it was a subfolder in the program files directory, I was looking for extension-typical files and found it that way.

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Oh, so that's why it normally is disabled? I found this to be a useful feature, but ifi t's more secure to leave it disabled, it's the better choice (I think).

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That's the solution I've been lookin for! Using Win 7 x64, I looked into the right registry entry and there I've seen the extension bugging me with the path to it.

Yet I still wish Firefox would actually have a built-in way to completely wipe out these kind of extensions for less tech-savvy users (it just feels better to not only have it disabled, but removed), I personally am perfectly fine with this solution.

Thanks cor-el!

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If "rid of" is similar to disallow, you can control plug-ins per page by next extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/front-shell/

"Allow your installed plug-ins" setting of options page should turn off, and then allow by menu for particular page.

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