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I Can't Get Rid Of Babylon! PLEASE HELP!!

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The other day I had an update for a program I already have. Like always it asked me if I wanted to install some toolbar and whatnot. And like always I clicked all the "No" boxes and updated like normal thinking it would honor my request.

It didn't.

Thinking I had just missed something I went to my Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, uninstalled it and thought that was that.

It wasn't.

I get on this morning and it's still trolling my search engines and pages. I went to the Firefox help page to find any solutions but everything I've tried has failed! I've tried the "about:config" method where I reset all the Babylon stuff (they just come back when I restart) and I tried replacing it in the "keyword" section (it didn't even notice apparently).

I then ran Spybot four times and even ran a new program called Malwarebytes and it didn't change a thing. I even tried System Restore. Twice. Now I'm stuck with this program taking over my FF by adding advertisements in dumb places like all over Youtube and even in my typed text!

I'm at my wits end! There HAS to be some foolproof way of getting rid of it! PLEASE HELP!!

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You can download the Process Explorer from the Microsoft Technet site.
It is a very useful program.

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What exactly does it do? Is it just another virus scanner?

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No, it is a program that shows data about the currently running programs similar to the Windows Task Manager, but more detailed and can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

Process Explorer
v15.22 (July 16, 2012)
Find out what files, registry keys and other objects processes have open, which DLLs they have loaded, and more. This uniquely powerful utility will even show you who owns each process.
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Go to Control Panel, click Programs (software).

Uninstall "Browser Manager" + "Bprotector" + "Object Installer" + "Babylon Toolbar on IE"

Then depending on which browser you use , follow the relevant steps:

Firefox ---------------------------

> Open a new Firefox window (website)

> Go to Tools> Options> and go to change your order, the Home. ( f.e www.google.de) and click OK.

> Remove the search engine of Babylon by clicking the small arrow next to the icon of Babylon

> Manage Search Engines

> select Babylon and Remove

> Close Firefox and open again

> write in the address Bar "about:config " and click Enter

> Write in the search engine "Babylon."

> Click on any 'Babylon' preferences with the right mouse button and select "Reset"

In the following video you can see how to change TAB URL :


Chrome -------------------------------------------------

Open Google Chrome and click on the "wrench" icon:

Click> Settings , choose the option "Open a particular page or set of pages."

Click "Set Pages" on page Babylon and delete from the list.

To change the search engine in Google Chrome, please follow the instructions below:

Open Google Chrome on the "wrench" icon on the right side of the address bar, click:

Settings> Under "Search", click "Manage Search Engines ...".

If you see "Babylon Search" as a standard (default), select please another search engine as the default from (Google, Bing, etc.). Only then will you Babylon You can remove by clicking the little 'X'.

Internet Explorer (IE) ------------ -------------------------------------

Open your Internet Explorer browser, click on "Tools", then "Internet Options" and in the section "Tabs" click on "Settings". It will open a new window, on the option "When a new tab is opened, open:" in the drop-down menu please choose "Your first homepage". Then click OK, Apply and OK.

Best regards,


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I finally figured out to get rid of Babylon! I blew away Firefox. Uninstalled the d**n thing. I'll use other browsers until Mozilla can deliver a CLEAN version of Firefox without such a pernicious parasite like Babylon. I don't know why they can't get it right. Do they really care about their users or are they getting $$ from the scumbags?

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Hi blackjackjoe, Firefox does not come with Babylon installed. It's an add-on you picked up somewhere, most likely from some "free" software that is supported by add-ons. For the record, Mozilla is paid by Google to make Google the default search engine in Firefox.

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What do you mean by modify? since when i do its says Enter string value

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Hi drama, if you are in the about:config preferences editor, you can choose Reset directly from the right-click context menu. You do not need to choose Modify first. I think that might be a typo in the response you read. (Many apologies for the confusion if it was my response!)

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Did you ever get this sorted, I am having the same problem.

It's across the board, all web browsers are affected nothing suggested works. Even when i think i've done it it's back, there must be something i can do?????????

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Hi, I know this was a while ago, but I had the same problem on a family member's laptop and wanted to tell you how to fix it.

Babylon (on this PC at least) masks itself as Cairo, so uninstall any funny Cario stuff.

Besides that, you need to change the key (in about:config): browser.newtab.url which is one of the settings that Babylon changes. You can make it www.google.com or something.

It worked for me, what threw me (and I believe you) off was that the name Babylon was not mentioned in the key.

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