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Home page bookmarks save last page in each site I was in; not the home page of that site

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I have several websites saved as my home page - fine, this is not a problem; they all open okay. But; instead of going to the home page of each website - which is what I have set, several times now - it insists on going to the last page I had open within each website this causes error messages & I have to re-load the site, as for obvious reasons it cannot always find the last page I was on. (Example: one of the sites is 'Transport for London'; I set the home page as one of my tabs; but if I have been trying to plan a journey, Firefox will try to open that journey search the next time & will get an error message instead). Is there any way of fixing this? I think the 'set home page' is not working properly.

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As I do not recall any change that would affect this, and have not noticed problems with my own homepage listings my first guess is that you have actually set Firefox to open the last pages used, rather than use the home page listing.


  • How to set the home page
    • do NOT use the option "use my Windows & Tabs from last time"

Also possibly the London Transport page may be odd in that it has a journey planner on the homepage http://www.tfl.gov.uk/

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Thank you - but sadly No; I have NOT set it to open tabs etc from last time; I am fully aware of the correct settings, and have set 'SHOW MY HOME PAGE'; then I set all the tabs 'exactly as I want them to open, and click 'use current pages'. In any case it does not open the 'tabs from last time anyway; it does open my Home page tabs, but it opens the last page I was in on each website. I have set my home page dozens of times in the past anyway, on several different computers; this is the first time it's started doing this.

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Maybe it is something to do with

I set all the tabs 'exactly as I want them to open, and click 'use current pages'

Try setting them as th ehome page such as http://www.tfl.gov.uk/ with the pipe "|" separator between each one.

If you do not mind disclosing the info show your homepage settings as pasted from the troubleshooting page. I have just tried

I have done a journey search and restarted with no problem the London Transport homepage shows.

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If new content is opened in the same page (i.e. the URL doesn't change) via JavaScript (AJAX) then Firefox may be loading that content from the cache.

If that is the case then you need to clear the cache to make Firefox automatically retrieve the latest contents from the website and not from the cache.