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Why is the newest Firefox 12 so much slower than Firefox 3.6.28 and why do they all crash?

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I love Firefox but of late the fastest Firefox they have is 3.6.28 which the fools have decided to discontinue upgrading! I started with Firefox 12, slow/crash. 11, ditto, 10.2, slow, 9 back to 4, slow as crap/crash crash crash! Looks like 3.6.28 will be it for me and live with the crashes. If addons are the culprit, Firefox should test 'em and ban the incompatible ones. Dunno why I'm asking again because unless I can talk to the makers of Foxy I'll get no concrete answers anyway. Foxy and Mozilla are the only browsers on the web that do not have email addresses for troubleshooting problems! Wish I could find a better browser than Foxy! Used to love it but now it's just plain BS! I depend on Henrietta for my livelihood (survey work, web ads surfing &c) and I need a reliable browser. Looks like Foxy ain't it and IE i even worse! Opera's great only incompatible with most of the sites I need to use! Any suggestions at all? Thanks I hope- keimanzero Scion of Anime of PA. Oh a word to the wise- if you use Web of Trust get rid of it! You'll need a special uninstall tool but WOT blocks every single site as unsafe and that includes this one and Firefox!

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part of this seems to be a problem with how Firefox handles Javascript - if I use NoScript and block all scripts the problem goes away.

- of course that means you have no Java and it breaks most websites. This problem is not occurring with the current version of Java in 3.6.28.

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Java and JavaScript are two different things. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Javascript_is_not_Java

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so do you have any helpful suggestions or are you just going to nitpick with me on terminology?

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