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How to open new session in new browser window?

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I have Firefox 11, and I'm trying to open a new window session because I am testing out a website and I want to view the frontend as a customer and the backend as an administrator.

However, I can't seem to do this because when I log in as admin the frontend of the site also shows me logged in as admin.

How can I open a new session in a new browser window?

I can easily do this in IE9 by adding " -noframemerging" to the end of my IE shortcut icon. Is there a way to do this with Firefox 11?

Thank you!

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I am not entirely sure I understand what you are trying to do, Firefox browser does not host websites.

It is possible to open sites in separate windows. It is also possible to open multiple versions of Fiefox concurrently. It is wise to have a separate unique profile for each version. If opening multiple instances of firefox use the command line argument -no-remote on each additional instance.


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I think I know what you're talking about. I have a blog. I may want to open the site just to look at it as anyone would. Then open another tab and go to my website administrator to make changes in the site. I want my first tab/window to stay the same as if I didn't own the website. Is that that you mean?

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Yes, exactly...I think I found an add-on that does the trick: Multifox 1.3.3. It allows me to open a new identity profile then I can login to the frontend as a customer and the backend as an administrator in 2 different Firefox windows.

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OK good, but what I'm hearing you say is you need a new profile for your personal site you are working? Hmmm Unless I don't understand. I wonder why I would need an add-on for that.

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If you log into the website as an administrator using Firefox you will understand how you have done that and how that differs from an ordinary user: the passwords login id and any cookies involved.

If you open a new instance of Firefox, and use a new profile then you may login to your website again as a new ordinary user.

You may run both of these Firefox processes simultaneously, (assuming your computer is capable of this, most modern ones have no problem - unless for instance your website is streaming HD video ! ) You may run both of these within the same Windows 7 account and have both windows open. You do not need any add-on to do this.

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OK I don't use Windows I have a Mac thanks.

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You can look this extension if you want to sign on with different identities at the same time:

You can also use multiple profiles to rule out issues caused by extensions or other changes that you've made in your current Firefox profile as posted above.

Use the -no-remote command line switch to open another Firefox instance with its own profile if you want to run different Firefox versions simultaneously.