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I can't play true fullscreen videos on youtube with htmp 5 with firefox 12.0 I did however see that it IS possible to have true fullscreen(you don't see the borders of your browser.) but i don't remember the firefox version i saw it on.

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Hello. I wish to view videos on youtube with html 5 and in true fullscreen(without seeing the borders of my browser.) It is to my understanding that the code did not support that until a month or two ago. However i was told that the latest versions of html 5 DO support true fullscreen. I saw it in action on a friend's computer how ever i don't remember the firefox version. Im currently using firefox 12.0

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Please also Disable the Flash plugin in Tools (Alt + T) > Add-ons > Plugins and check. The full screen control would be on the bottom right edge of the video. eg.

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Hello. I disabled ALL flash player related plugins and I still see the borders of my browser when i full screen a video.


Here's a link of what it looks like.

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Please also check in a new profile after disabling Flash. If the new profile is okay, you can later copy the needed personal data from the old profile. Firefox stores your personal data and settings in another location (profile folder) separate from its files/folder. A new profile would have the default Firefox settings in Tools (Alt + T) > Options and about:config, and usually would also be empty of Extensions and themes (Appearance) in Tools > Add-ons, and their settings. Also, a new profile would have no previous stored website cache/cookies/data/preferences etc., (Tools > Clear Recent History).

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