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After upgrading to Firefox 11.0, clicks that link to a file do not report in the history and do not show up as visited.

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Installed Beta 12.0 to no resolution. This same issue is happening on my other computer running 11.0. Checked in MS Explorer and links work normally.

Here's an example link: file:///Z:/shared_cvo_docs/cust_inventory.xlsx This link opens a excel spreadsheet file from my system. I have many of these types of links and I find it very helpful when I use the browser to open these as I can see which ones I've already opened. Without the links changing color, this becomes very difficult. Running Win 7 Ultimate Thanks for your help!

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My history shows local .html files displayed in the browser, but not local files handed off to an external program. Is that the pattern you see as well?

No idea whether this was an intentional change (I don't see it on the Firefox 11 change list: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/.../buglist.html.)

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Yes, any file:// link will not change to a visited link when clicked. I also have links that point to video files and open with VLC, for example, that do not indicate as a visited link and do not appear in the history.