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Firefox crashes

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I have experienced several hundred (if not over a thousand) of crashes during the past few months - especially since upgrading from 5.x to 7.x (I'm on the beta track and have v. 12.x beta).

On a daily basis I would experience anywhere from a dozen to 2 dozen crashes often in succession (i.e., after I restarted from a crash it crashed again before I could do anything in the browser). Never a day went by without a large number of crashes.

I tried removing plugins/extensions and tried safe mode operation. I ran multiple anti-virus scans and cleaned my registry.

Although the crash reporter submitted all of these crashes, I never heard from anyone at Mozilla, nor could I figure out for myself what was the source of the crash from the information in the Crash Reporter.

I tried moving over to Internet Explorer and Chrome but I felt they didn't offer what I needed and what I was used to; I had too many years of using FireFox to give up.

I sort of figured out the solution, though. I haven't had a crash since. I am sure that others who are experiencing crashes probably have a similar problem.

I also believe that Mozilla could resolve this in their installation procedure and save a lot of time trying to solve the crash problem.

The way I resolved it was to remove all files in the Mozilla/Firefox root folder whose file time stamp was over a few months old (unless it was a file that was clearly in use by me). Indeed, I had some very old files and folders. I gradually removed the oldest of files/folders and would then startup FireFox to see if something I was using was suddenly missing. I then began to proceed to more recent time stamps that were just a couple of old and didn't seem to be in use.

So clearly the presence of one of these files was causing crash conflicts. I do not know which one(s), although I still have these files in the recycle bin, but I am sure that if I were to copy them back in to the FireFox root folder, the crashes would start up again. I am sure I could isolate the files(s), but I really I am not anxious to see another crash occur after what I have been experiencing for some time now.

Not only is my FireFox finally crash free, but the browser itself seems to be operating at optimal speed (I remembered that sometimes, in lieu of crashing I would get warnings from the OS that FireFox was beginning to hog significant amounts of memory.

Anyway, if you can do something with this info to save your developers and users from a lot of headaches then my goal here was served by communicating this to you.

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If in future you have problems with crashes you may find it useful to read

If you then post in this forum including the CrashIDs someone may attempt to help you. You will almost never get any direct feedback or contact from just submitting crash reports.

This forum does not specifically support use of Firefox Beta, but in practice if you post a problem relating to a crash in Beta you may well still receive assistance. Also consider using the mozillazine forums to ask about problems with beta.

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I thank you for responding. But as I wrote, I solved the crashing problem. My purpose was to inform others who may have updated and suffered incessant crashes (I saw of few of these posts) to find a solution in simply erasing old files from program folder of Fire Fox.