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firefox refuses to install /investools-events.webex.com says it is corupt - it is NOT corupt and I want to install it

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When I try to install -- /investools-events.webex.com -- firefox refuses to install and says it is corrupt - it is NOT corrupt and I want to install the program

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Hello Juliesims i will work on your problem for as long as i can to help you out when you are available contact me at jeremyeramian@gmail.com so we can discuss ways to fix the problem. and what download were you trying to get there is a list and i would like to try to narrow it down.

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Workaround found!

Uninstall the WebEx plugin - you can do this from the control panel -> Add/remove programs or you can go the Cisco/WebEx support site

WebEx support/downloads https://support.webex.com/MyAccountWeb/supportUtilities.do?root=Tools

and find the "Meeting Services Removal Tool" which you download and run.

When you try to attend a meeting, the pre-meeting probe will determine that the plug-in is not present and will take you to a page that has two buttons Setup and Cancel. Click Cancel

  1. On your way into the meeting the "in-line" install will successfully install the plug-in and you'll be put into the meeting.
  2. Subsequent visits to a WebEx meeting will proceed normally since the pre-meeting probe will detect the presence of the plug-in