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My problem is just the slow switching over multiple tabs in Firefox. Each time I go to another tab it takes a while (sluggish), or you can say the ‘click’ on the tab takes time to happen. The rest Firefox is working perfect in speed. Don’t know how to solve it, followed all the steps on the MakeUseOf Firefox Speed Up Guide, still having same problem.

please help me

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the problem still exist and it happen when i open many pages and tabs when i open fire fox with few tabs the problem will exist but after hours of used firefox so every time firefox so slow i shutdown it and restart the firefox again to be fast again !!! but that bored me

i hope you know whats the problem

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note : i work on firefox about 1 year without delete it from this time because of important webpages history .. this slow happen about 1 month ago and i try delete cookies but still exist when i open many tabs or when i woek long on it note : i work on internet explorer the same way i work on firefox but slow doesn't exist in (IE ) when i open many tabs !!!

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You can also try to create a new profile and copy/overwrite important personal data from the old profile, if the new profile is fast. Please note that you may have to install the add-ons later.

Profiles Howto

Firefox Profile Folder & Files

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realy i try every way but firefox still soo slow when i open many tabs and it used 40 % of cpu (cpu is core i3 2.3) i try (opera + ie + chrome ...) but realy is very fast than firefox is there any way to solve that or leave firefox !!!! i realy love this explorer but it very very slow these day

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You could be right, but the experience could also widely vary between users. If you have a security software please also try giving full access to Firefox and its processes. You can also try to open the same web sites and the same number of tabs in the browsers and check after creating a new Firefox profile.

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