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How to forcibly close tab, no question asked

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I was looking for images of various PDAs on Google. One of the images obviously resided on a sketchy site, since I got a popup window saying that a I had a virus (or somesuch) and that I should scan my computer. I encountered a few windows in my tale of woe, so I can't recall whether this first one was an actual Windows window or one of those windows that are part of the webpage. When I tried to close the tab, I got two popups (I think they were real Windows windows). One asked for permission to download and exe file while another said that the web page wanted me to confirm that I actually wanted to navigate away from the page. The latter, I've seen before; the former, well that's obviously malware. However, I wasn't confident about any windows anymore. What if I clicked on the Cancel for downloading the exe, but it was a phony Cancel that actually downloaded the exe? What about the confirmation to navigate away, is there a way for malware designers to fake such a window so that if I confirm, it will actually do something else?

And what if the answers to both were "no" as far as anyone knows at present, but it is theoretically possible for the answer to be "yes" (which means that it will likely happen at some undetermined time in future, given the resourcefulness of people)? Because of this last possibilty, I figure that best possible way to close such a tab is for a browser to allow the user to tyranically close a tab without any questions or confirmations. I don't want to the firefox window because I have other tabs that want to retain. (I'm not even sure it would been allowed to go ahead in the presence of the popup windows). I don't quite recall, but I might have killed the firefox process in the task manager, but if I restart firefox and restore tabs, the bad tab will also be restored.

So is there a way to forcibly close a tab, no questions asked?

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Open the Task Manager > Processes tab and kill the firefox.exe process. Safest way of dealing with that type of potential exploit, as all tabs and all windows run in the same process.

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Hi, EdMeister, I mentioned in my post that I might have killed the process off in task manager. I was hoping to find a way to kill the tab without nuking my other tabs. I guess from your answer that there is no way.

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Set the Integer pref browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes to 0 on the about:config page to get the about:sessionrestore page immediately with the first restart after a crash has occurred or the Task Manager was used to close Firefox.

That will allow you to deselect the tab(s) that you do not want to reopen, but will allow to reopen other tabs. See:

You can add this line to user.js to set that pref.

user_pref("browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes", 0);