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How do I force Firefox 10 to open startup or open in full screen mode by default?

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I just want Firefox 10 to open, by default, in "fullscreen" or "maximized" when it is started. I find it annoying when it opens up in a small window.

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Well one way to do it is to use this addon called Autohide, found here:


You have to go into its options and look under the advanced tab and check off the box beside "Full screen for manually requested windows" and restart Firefox. It should be in fullscreen mode and you will be able to have the address bar and such unhide by moving the cursor to the top. Press F11 to exit and enter fullscreen mode

I just found and tested this addon about 2 minutes ago and it's working fine in the beta release of version 11 of Firefox so you should have no problem with it.

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If you close Firefox while in full screen mode then Firefox should start the next time in full screen mode as well.

If that doesn't happen the see: