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Can I disable native SVG rendering in FF9.0?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking this, but is it possible to disable native SVG rendering in FF9.0? In FF3.6, this was possible via the svg.enabled option, but this seems to have been removed from the options in FF9.0.

Note: The reason for wanting to disable FF's native SVG rendering is due to the lack of native pan/zoom UI. As a result, we want to use Adobe SVG Viewer 6.0 which provides this native UI.

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Try disabling the svg.smil.enabled preference in about:config .

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Unfortunately, I already have svg.smil.enabled set to false. FF will still render the SVG. [I also have NPSVG6.dll / NPSVG6.zip already in the FF plug-in folder]

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I've forwarded this to QA to see if they have an answer to this. It might be that we have to file a bug to get this fixed.

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  • bug 617448 - Browser fails to load correctly with svg.enabled set to false due to unqualified use of svg (remove svg.enabled pref)

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Got some more info from devs (via QA): The pref was removed in part because some of our UI uses SVG so it would not be sensible to disable it.

Further it looks like Adobe may not support this plugin anymore.

"so I think it's hypothetically possible that it _could_ work, if the plugin and Firefox were coded just right to allow an external plugin to register for handling SVG mimetypes (like PDF plugins register for handling PDF)... but I suspect the plugin might fight with us over who gets to handle SVG in our UI etc"