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web pages are too small for me to read. I use view to enlarge them but have to do that for each page I try and read. How can I set to constant 125% or similar please

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I am a pensioner. Each web page opens with a very small size and I have difficulty reading it. I use View to enlarge the size but have to do this each time I open a web page. How can the font size be made large permanently please

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Set minimum font size that you are comfortable with. This will be your default font size for all web pages.

You can even set the font type in the same page (Arial, Times Roman, Sans serif etc).

If you like you can uncheck the "Allow pages to choose their own fonts" box in the same page so that webpages will have the same font and the same font size you have chosen.

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Please try this: open Tools (or Alt + T on the keyboard) > Options or click Firefox button on the top left and choose Options. On the top section of the small window that comes up click Content. Click Advanced under Fonts & Colors. Around the middle of the new window on the right side you'll find the Minimum font size entry. Click the box on the right and choose a minimum size eg. 16 or 18.

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lol @amkeew I thought this was empty and when I posted there's your entry. I think we started at the same time but obviously you are 8 mins faster :)